FREMONT (CBS SF) – State health officials have shut down a Fremont-based food company after the discovery of a rodent infestation officials described as ‘massive’ and ‘pervasive’ led state health officials to shut down distribution.

The California Department of Public Health placed an embargo on Fremont-based San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. earlier this month. The company has now recalled its natural food, tea and herb products products distributed in California and throughout the country.

Patrick Kennelly, chief of the Food Safety Section of the California Department of Public Health, said state inspectors also found evidence of “dead rodent bodies, live bodies, fecal and urine contamination on products.”

State officials said the company was cooperating with investigators.

In a statement, San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. said, “We hold ourselves to a high standard. Unfortunately we believed this problem was under control, but it unexpectedly grew into a larger issue. We apologize to our loyal customers and fans and will fully refund any products that have been impacted.”

The following San Francisco Herb products with the specific lots numbers below are included in the recall:

Product Description / Product # / Lot #

Carob Raw Powder / P351 / Lot # 090018

Chicory Root Roasted Granules/ G440 / Lot # 120056

Fennel Seed Whole / W170 / Lot # 110155

Green Tea, Gunpowder C/S / C837 / Lot # 100181

Hops Flower / W890 / Lot # 110020

Lavender Flower Medium Whole / W985 / Lot # 120033

Marigold Petals Whole / W1087 / Lot # 100196

Olive Leaf Organic Whole / W01119 / Lot # 090286

Paprika Sweet Powder / P1251 / Lot # 090048

Parsley Leaf C/S / C1255 / Lot # 110107

Pau D’Arco Bark C/S / C1270 / Lot # 100266

Rose Hips Organic Whole / W01430 / Lot # 090324

Rosemary Leaf Whole / W1445 / Lot # 010017

Senna Pods Whole / W1520 / Lot # 110220

Spearmint Leaf Organic C/S / CO1565 / Lot # 110171

Thyme Leaf C/S / C1631 / Lot # 110197

The company said no illnesses have been reported in connection with the contamination, but that consumers who have bought the recalled products were urged to destroy them.

Refund or replacement questions can be directed to Dr. Fahimeh Niroomand of San Francisco Herb & Natural Foods Company at 510-770-1215, ex. 115.

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