'Train' Brings Their Hits To Live On Letterman

Pat Monahan of “Train” (credit: Heather Wines/CBS IMG)

NEW YORK, NY (CBS IMG) – There was an extra spark of electricity in the air at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City last night as Train took the stage to perform their streaming Live on Letterman concert.

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Pat Monahan and the guys calmly walked through the crowd, slapping high fives, before Monahan declared “Let’s do it!” and the band kicked into “50 Ways to Say Goodbye.”  The crowd was into it from the beginning, dancing and singing along and even laughing with “50 Ways” darkly funny lyrics. From there, it was full speed ahead for Train, as they rocked into “If It’s Love,” and Pat actually took out his phone to take pictures of the audience so he could tweet it.

By then the crowd was worked into a frenzy, just in time for “Meet Virginia.” the Bay Area band continued to bring the hits from throughout their career. Pat had fun with the audience between songs, and the fans in the theater at home ate it all up. While every song was a big one, there was one track everyone was waiting for: “Soul Sister.”

Train did not disappoint either, bringing it with a fantastic and soulful version of “Soul Sister.”  Pat even invited kids from the audience to come up and dance on stage during the mega-hit, and before he hit the hook, the stage was flooded with little girls singing and dancing as the audience chanted along with the “hey hey hey’s.”  

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(photo courtesy of CBS IMG)

Train closed it out with the first single from California 37, “Drive By.”  Of course the audience wanted more, and demanded an encore, and Train obliged, with a rocking rendition of the hit “Drops of Jupiter.”  

You can check out the setlist below and watch an encore performance right here.

50 Ways to Say Goodbye
If It’s Love
Meet Virginia
Save me San Francisco
Calling All Angels
Soul Sister
Drive By
e: Drops of Jupiter

For more photos from last night’s show, check out this photo gallery from Fresh 102.7 in New York.

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