PITTSBURG (CBS 5) — Residents in a Pittsburg neighborhood said they have been flocking to see a camel roaming along a hillside for at least a week.

According to residents, the camel has been spotted in open space near an apartment complex on Villa Drive, near Highway 4. The camel appears during the evening hours. People who live in the complex said they haven’t seen anything like it in the area.

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“He looked at me; he was grazing and kind of moving about. It was just surprising,” said Ray Evans.

The camel has everyone in the complex talking.

“Up from this path up here, it meanders down the hillside. Maybe about a half hour or so, he will make it to the fence close to the street here and the neighborhood all gathers out there to check out the amazing spectacle,” resident Elsa Taylor said.

Since the camel arrived, neighbors said they have taken plenty of pictures of the exotic animal.

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“Nice camel. It came close enough to the fence where you could practically touch him,” said resident Karl Dyson.

An apartment worker told CBS 5 the camel belongs to the developer who owns the land. The camel, named Couscous, lives in his own wooden hut.

While the camel is an unusual sight in the Bay Area, animal welfare officers said it is not illegal to own a camel in Contra Costa County. An owner must have permission of State Fish and Game and have an exotic animal license.

“I’ve been in pure amazement this whole time, all week since last Tuesday evening,” Taylor said.

A CBS 5 crew did not spot Couscous on the hillside Wednesday night.

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