TAMPA (KCBS) – California delegates gave rave reviews to Wednesday night’s big speeches at the Republican National Convention from Stanford’s Condoleezza Rice and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Former Secretary of State Rice was given one of the most thunderous ovations of the convention, with the room buzzing about her as a potential candidate for governor in 2014.

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KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Ryan also received a warm reception and California delegate Lou Monville said the vice presidential nominee spoke to the needs of his generation.

“My wife and I are expecting our first daughter this winter and being able to know that I’m going to leave my country better than I found it for her – he nailed that,” said Monville.

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Mark Pruner, head of the California Republican County Chairmen’s Association, said speeches like these will help the Golden State GOP play the most critical role it has left in this election with Mitt Romney and Ryan both planning more fundraising swings to California.

“It really helps people open up their pocketbooks. Frankly, that’s how they vote with their dollars before they vote in the booth,” he said. “So this will motivate a lot of people to act.”

However, not everything went smoothly on Wednesday night as some delegates were irate when fire marshals kept them from returning to the floor, meaning they missed Ryan’s speech.

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