(KCBS) – The San Francisco 49ers are headed to Green Bay for a highly anticipated season opener against the Packers, and Coach Madden is ready to watch the action play out at Lambeau Field from the comfort of his home.

“Yep, it’s all ready,” he told the KCBS Morning Crew. “It’s ready to go, in fact if they were to sneak in and start early, we’d be ready.”

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“If they played today and said ‘we’re not going to wait until Sunday, we can’t wait to kick off the season so we’re going to do it today,'” we’d be ready.”

Coach John Madden with the KCBS Morning Crew:

As for the 49ers’ prospects on the Packers’ turf, Coach Madden isn’t too concerned.

“I think that’s an advantage for the 49ers. I really do. You know, the way the schedule is…it’s all done by a formula. so you know, they knew at the end of the season. They knew that they were going to play Green Bay in Green Bay this year,” Madden explained. “They just didn’t know when, so the only thing the schedule maker does is put a date in there that the game is played.”

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“If you think about when you would want to take on Green Bay, you already know in the schedule that you have to play Green Bay at Lambeau and I think the first game of the season is a real advantage…you don’t have that weather later. I don’t know that Green Bay is going to be at the top of their game.”

And as we get into the swing of football season, that means Coach Madden joins the KCBS Morning Crew two times Mondays and Friday mornings – 8:15 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. – and it seems as though everyone is entitled to an adjustment period.

More Friday Morning Coach John Madden with the KCBS Morning Crew:

Coach Madden admitted to being momentarily surprised when his phone range just prior to 9:15 a.m. Friday.

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