SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – A San Francisco Weekly review of Bay Area Rapid Transit station agent maintenance reports reveals a persistent rat problem as some stations.

The 24th Street Station in San Francisco was among those being “taken over” by rats according to the reports.

“Rat problems, major rat problems,” read one report.

Another asked, “Can we just simply get some more rat traps, please?”

A June 19th report simply said “Rats Rats Rats”

BART Spokesman Jim Allison said rat issues do pop up from time to time.

“It is not something that customers really need to be concerned about in terms of health, because when there are rats, we have an exterminator that comes out and deals with it,” said Allison.

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Allison said that – with 44 stations in urban areas – there is no way to permanently keep out all the rats, pigeons and other varmints that make their way into the areas used by passengers.

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