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Foodie Chap & Capt. 'Wacky Jacky' Douglas

Liam & “Wacky Jacky” (credit:

KCBS radio “Foodie Chap” and CBS 5 television “Eye On The Bay” host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.

Meet Captain Jacky Douglas or “Wacky Jacky” as she is best known in San Francisco’s sport fishing community. Her boat “Wacky Jacky” resides in the #1 spot on boating row on Fisherman’s Wharf. Her sport fishing boat ventures out daily for salmon fishing trips and Bay tours. In a sea of mainly men Jacky rules the waters and has done so for forty years.

Since 1972 she has been skipper of her own charter boat. Her focus is salmon, the fish she has championed for decades. This season has been a bountiful one, but that has not always been the case and in the darkest times 2008, 2009, and 2010, when the industry crashed Jacky held out hope that her favorite fish would return and they did. Woo hoo!

“Salmon Fishing to me is happiness.”
– Capt. “Wacky Jacky” Douglas, First Lady of Salmon Fishing

I first met Jacky in 2005 when we featured this mighty woman of the sea in a feature for EYE ON THE BAY on CBS 5. Her spunk, spirit, childlike excitement and chants of “WOO HOO” was immediately intoxicating and she had me hooked. During our first salmon seeking expedition we waited for hours for the pay off, but eventually the fish listened to our call and we went ashore with quite the offering – Salmon for days.

To be around Wacky Jacky is to be in the presence of greatness, the presence of a woman who four decades ago ventured out on waters that were not always inviting. However her infectious personality and her brilliance at the helm of her boat soon won the old salty sea dogs of San Francisco over.

Now Jacky is being honored by her peers as they celebrate her long, rich career at a Gala dinner and ceremony on October 18th at the Maritime Museum benefiting the Bay Institute & Aquarium of the Bay.

Treat yourself to the experience of Salmon Fishing with Wacky Jacky and do it now while the season is in full swing. This trip will change your life. It’s $100 per person and I can honestly say more than any other boating or fishing trip, this one wins, pants down!

Please enjoy my Foodie Chap chat with my dear pal Wacky Jacky and listen up for her favorite salmon recipe.

To Jacky, here’s to forty more years – WOO HOO!!



Five Tasty Questions with “Wacky Jacky”

1. Fishing to you is about what?
It’s all about life.

2. What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?
Fifty-two pounds and guess what? It’s mounted right on top of my bed!

3. On the soundtrack to your life, if you could pick one artist and one song, what would it be?
Cher “I Believe”

4. What is the best fishing experience you’ve ever had?
This couple came aboard, pretty young lady, and she caught a fish, turned around and looked at her husband and said “I caught a sigh and I’m pregnant.” Holy catfish! I couldn’t believe it!

5. At your last supper you can have a couple of guests at the table, who would they be and what would you eat?
My family and my great-grandson and we’d have salmon!


Foodie Chap & Capt. 'Wacky Jacky' Douglas

“Wacky Jacky” Salmon (credit:

Wacky Jacky Salmon

Serves 2

2 pieces of wild Salmon (4oz each)
2 handfuls of spinach
Small cherry tomatoes
1 lemon (to squeeze)
White wine
Knob of butter

1. Heat pan with either olive oil or a knob of butter
2.Cook Salmon for 3 minutes each side. (cook longer if you like it well done)
3. Add spinach and tomatoes after you turn the salmon at 3 minutes or place cooked salmon and tomatoes on a bed of spinach as you plate up .
4.Squeeze lemon juice over the salmon and your dish is ready to serve!


Wacky Jacky Sport Fishing

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