LAS VEGAS (CBS 5) — A Bay Area rapper on the run from for more than seven months had his luck run out in Nevada this week, when he was arrested. Authorities said the rapper is associated with a music label that operated as a front for drug trafficking.

According to the US Marshals Service, Michael Lott was arrested in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Lott, a rapper who performs under the name “Miami the Most,” belonged to Vallejo-based Thizz Entertainment.

Investigators said they have video of Lott and other Thizz Entertainment artists selling ecstasy and cocaine to undercover officers, sometimes in the parking lot of Gateway Plaza in Vallejo.

According to court records, Lott was not alone and that a host of other rappers were running a drug ring out of the city’s Crest neighborhood, with connections as far away as New York.

In April, 25 people associated with the label were arrested. Federal agents seized 45,000 ecstasy pills, four pounds of crack cocaine, along with a half pound of heroin. $200,000 and 230 acres of property worth $1 million was also seized, authorities said.

Investigators said two other rappers remain on the loose. They include Bruce “Little Bruce” Thurmon and Beshiba “Pebbles” Cook.

Lott will be brought to Sacramento after an initial appearance in Las Vegas federal court.

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