SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco Police are reaching out to hundreds of victims who had their items stolen from a massive theft ring. Meanwhile, investigators are releasing new details about the bust.

Police said the initial lead on the theft ring came from an auto burglary at Fisherman’s Wharf in early November.

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Investigators used surveillance video to get a license plate number for a suspect car. That eventually led to the arrests of 24-year-old Henry Gamboa, his 24-year-old brother Victor Gamboa and 23-year-old Ana Bustillos on November 28th.

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San Francisco police Lt. Ed Santos said investigators recovered more than a thousand electronics items worth an estimated $500,000.

“We believe that this ring was a smaller part of a bigger ring and that we’ve put a significant dent in persons that break into cars to fence, such as the persons that we apprehended,” said Santos.

Police also recovered approximately $32,000 in cash.

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KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr showed off some of the stolen items on Wednesday. “Over 100-plus cellphones, 75-plus laptops,” Suhr said about the recovered items.

Suhr said auto burglaries are up 16 percent in San Francisco.

Police have posted pictures of the stolen goods online and victims who see any of their stolen items and can prove it is their items can reclaim them.

The stolen property came from auto break-ins in both San Francisco and Oakland. The suspects were involved in ongoing distribution of the property.

The suspects have been charged with multiple counts of possession of stolen property as police continue their investigation.

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