SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Young college graduates in California are facing a bleaker job outlook than just five years ago.

The number of young Californians with degrees working in restaurants and retail jobs has nearly doubled over the last five years. Those jobs had often been filled by those without college degrees.

About 260,000 young adults with degrees in California are taking jobs in the food service, and retail industries according to the Census Bureau.

The news has many college students nervous about their prospects after graduating.

“All my friends with high degrees had to work in places like McDonalds because the higher jobs are hard to get nowadays,” said Bill Song, a college student.

Tuitions for California schools are also rising, making it more difficult for students to pay off loans after graduating.

“One of my friends bartends, and works in a restaurant just trying to pay off the loans that she got,” said Zekiah Wright, a law school student.

The trend has parents worried as well.

“It’s really distressing,” said Maria Stokes, a parent of a young child.

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