MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS)— Mountain View is burning a bridge, so to speak, with Google— the city’s biggest employer. The search engine giant’s request to build a bridge to a planned new campus at Moffett Field has been put on hold.

City officials said they thought the application was premature and denied the request Tuesday night.

“The transportation study that we’ve been working on for the last several months has not yet been completed, although it’s going to be presented to the council in early February, the council majority felt that we really shouldn’t be looking at other transportation solutions until we’ve seen the results of the transportation study,” said Mountain View City Councilman Mike Kasperzak.

He felt they should have granted Google’s request and not wait for the completion of the transportation study.

“It sort of puts a roadblock up to anything getting done and I think that impacts negatively the perception that people have of doing business in Mountain View.”

The transportation study is scheduled to be presented to the city council on February 5th.

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