SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco bar owners fired back at Mayor Ed Lee after his call to curb alcohol sales during Super Bowl time.

Last week, Mayor Lee suggested bars serve something other than hard alcohol, to help prevent possible destruction, like the city saw following the Giants’ World Series win in 2012.

Bar owners reacted to the mayor’s statements, likening it to prohibition.

“By not allowing us to do our job, it harkens back to prohibition,” said H. Ehrmann, owner of ‘Elixir’ in the city’s Mission District.

Ehrmann also represents a group that’s taking a stand against the mayor’s suggestion.

The American Beverage Institute called it a “ridiculous idea,” and urged the city to “avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product.”

Ehrmann said he understands the mayor wants to prevent the kind of riots that erupted after the World Series, but restricting hard alcohol sales isn’t the solution.

Responsible beverage service and responsible beverage consumption go hand in hand. That’s what free Americans have the right to do, whether we’re conducting our business or enjoying our services,” Ehrmann said.

Bar owner Adam DeMezza said he would add extra security for the Super Bowl, but didn’t seem worried about having problems.

“As long as we’re not feeding people shots of booze and sending them out into the street, we’ll be fine,” said DeMezza, who co-owns Giordano Brothers in North Beach.

A spokesperson for Mayor Lee said he just wants to make sure football fans party responsibly, and with moderation.

Mayor Lee planned to visit some of the businesses hit hardest during the World Series riots in the Mission District to urge them to join him in making the Super Bowl parties safe.

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