SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Get caught doing something you shouldn’t have on a bike? Drivers have a choice about how to deal with auto-related infractions, and now some bicyclists do, too.

After all, it does happen.

“I ran a red light,” admitted one cyclist. “The cops saw me and gave me a ticket.”

He recounted the story with a chuckle, though the ticket was not so funny: $250. If he had been driving a car and did that, he may have been eligible for traffic school.

Now, in the City of Alameda, bicyclists have school-related recourse, just like motorists.

“Just like traffic school for motorists, this is traffic school for cyclists,” explained Anthony Di Silvio, a cycling instructor with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, which has been partnering with the Alameda Police Department on the educational alternative to a cycling ticket. There have been three such classes so far.

“That’s the problem we fought for a long time with Alameda police, said Di Silvio. “Until we had a police chief who was friendly to our cause and said this is worth doing.”

Registration for the class is $50, but ensures your cycling record is wiped clean.

There is one similar program in Marin – for now, anyway.

“They’re actually talking about dropping it, which is really sad. Court is so overloaded over there, they’re having a hard time processing this in their court system,” Di Silvio explained.

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