SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved extra pay for same-sex couples and domestic partners who work for the city and have to pay federal taxes on health benefits for their partners. According to the supervisors, about 400 city workers will get the tax reimbursement.

The IRS imposes taxes on health benefits provided by partners of same-sex couples because they are not considered “married” under federal law. Now, with the supervisor’s unanimous approval of the legislation, Supervisor Mark Farrell said city workers who find themselves in that situation will be getting reimbursed.

“As a city we shouldn’t stand idle as contributing and equal members of our society continue to be discriminated against purely because of their sexual orientation,” Farrell said.

The additional federal tax is about $1,700 a year according to city supervisors.

The supervisor’s effort to level the playing field comes at a price to the city, which is over $600,000 a year from the general fund.

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