SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Big parties are making a comeback in San Francisco, as big companies give up on recession chic and pull out the stops to entertain in style.

“The hospitality industry is back. We’ve definitely seen an increase, even within just the last six months,” said Valerie Hopple with Classic Party Rentals, an event planning company in San Francisco.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Fine food served in unique lounge-style settings and music pumping on a dance floor are an opportunity for a company to make its brand visible to workers and clients, Hopple said.

“Now what people really want is to put their brand on a party,” she said, thus the hot new trend: printing a company logo right on the dance floor.

The boom was evident at Pier 48 on Wednesday, where a party showcase highlighted many of the latest trends, including “tablescapes” in environments filled with color. The themes ranged from French vintage, to Las Vegas lounge, to hipster skateboard.

The pier directly across from McCovey Cove is a blank slate that entertainment companies have used to stage corporate parties and events for as many as 6,000 guests, said Jens Weiden with Giants Enterprises, which coordinates events at AT&T Park.

“You can make this space sort of whatever you want, and that’s what meeting planners really get excited about,” Weiden said.

Anchor Steam plans to build a brewery at the end of Pier 48.

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