NAPA (KCBS) – The Animal Legal Defense Fund has initiated legal action against La Toque, alleging that the Napa Valley restaurant is illegally selling the delicacy foie gras.

“We had a private investigator go in there, ask if he could get foie gras. He was told that he could get foie gras if he purchased this very expensive, multi-course meal,” explained Fund attorney John Melia.

The Fund filed suit against La Toque this week, arguing that it was violating a law that went into effect in July 2012, banning production of or sale for profit of foie gras, which is fattened duck or goose liver.

“I’m doing neither,” declared La Toque owner Kenneth Frank, who pointed out that it’s perfect legal for foie gras to be eaten in his restaurant.

“You can cook foie gras for people. People can bring foie gras to me and I can cook it for them. And I can give gifts of foie gras,” he said. “Simply put…we don’t sell foie gras.”

Frank stressed that he has been and continues to abide by the law, and welcomed the opportunity to defend himself against what he described as a baseless attack.

“It’s looking a lot more like a sale than a free gift,” argued Melia.

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