SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— 5,000 security workers in the Bay Area say a strike is imminent, even as they continue to bargain. The sticking point, according to the unions, is negotiations over health care.

Carl Walter is at the bargaining table on behalf of security workers and said companies are looking for radically higher deductibles, which might have the effect of forcing workers on to Affordable Care Act health exchanges.

“Their proposal is basically the bare minimum standard under the law, or what would be the law, which would be a huge step back for us,” Walter said.

Workers unions, including SEIU locals 1021 and 87, the San Francisco Labor Council, and UNITE HERE! Local 2 are pledging support.

Michael Theriault, with the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council, explained his stance:

“Pretty much anytime there is a negotiation anyplace in the country these days, health care is one of the major items under negotiation and the employers are always coming in, looking for major concessions in health care,” said Theriault.

He said there is a real challenge that is coupled with the Affordable Care Act.

Workers unions in San Francisco may refuse to cross picket lines and walk off their own jobs in solidarity.

Security companies ABM and Universal Protection Service had not returned calls for comment as of Tuesday afternoon.

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