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Willa Holland as Davey in "Tiger Eyes" (credit: Freestyle Releasing)

Willa Holland as Davey in “Tiger Eyes” (credit: Freestyle Releasing)

(CBS SF/ALICE@97.3) – What’s your favorite Judy Blume book? “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” or “Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing” or “Deenie” or “Forever” (remember how scandalous that one was? We all had just one copy – only one of us was brave enough to check it out from the library – and we all passed the same copy around) or “Tiger Eyes” or…


The list goes on and on because Judy Blume is one of, if not THE, most definitive authors of fiction for kids at that certain age… the age where you don’t feel like a kid anymore, but maybe not a late teen much less an adult. Her books dealt with family and sexuality and religion and race and loss and all those things that very few people know how to talk about at all, much less kids who can’t voice their easiest emotions well – good luck with the tough ones. On top of all those tough issues, the books also managed to be funny as hell.

Ms. Blume (I had no idea what I was going to call her when I called, thankfully she effortlessly solved that problem at the beginning by saying “Please call us Judy and Larry, that’s what we call each other”) just made a movie version of “Tiger Eyes” with her son. Releasing June 7 starring Willa Holland from the CW hit series “Arrow.” I called them to talk about that experience.

The conversation got really personal as we talked about what “Tiger Eyes” has come to mean now to Judy, and we also had a really good time talking about their love for New Mexico (and the fact that Judy and her husband are extras in the movie!)

What does it sound like to talk to your childhood idol? Just like this…


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