SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Facebook is adding video to its popular Instagram picture-posting app. Obviously this is in response to Twitter’s Vine video-sharing app, but the difference is the Facebook version has set a 15-second video limit, whereas Vine is only set at six-seconds long.

Also, with Vine it loops. I took a picture of my dog walking down the street and when you press play it looks like he’s walking down the street forever.

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The Instagram video app doesn’t have a loop feature. Other differences include Instagram’s video stabilization feature. If you’re a little bit shaky, you can eliminate that through stabilization.

Anybody familiar with Instagram photos knows that they add filters or enhancements and the same goes for the video app as well.

You can even shoot several short videos and edit them together to make on video as long as it doesn’t exceed 15 seconds.

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I don’t think Facebook’s competitive edge will kill Vine, but it will wound it. Ultimately, I see it as a different animal and I think there’s room for both.

If you’re wondering about what may seem like arbitrary time limits for these videos, remember that when you’re uploading and downloading they use a lot of bandwidth. Also the idea, I think is to keep it simple.

There is something to be said about discipline.

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