SEATTLE (CBS Sports) — Seattle might not be the first place you seek on a football map, but we guarantee you’ll know where it is the second week of the NFL season: It’s where the Seahawks will take on the San Francisco 49ers.

That’s because the Seahawks-49ers game is turning into one of pro football’s must-see series. The teams aren’t just good; they’re among the best in the game. Their coaches don’t like each other. Their players don’t like each other. And, suddenly, there’s plenty at stake when they meet. This is how rivalries are born.

It’s not just good enough to be competitive – you must really, really dislike each other, too. These two do. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh earlier this month obliquely suggested the Seahawks are cheating, which caused Seattle’s Brandon Browner to respond by saying he’d like to ring Harbaugh’s neck.

It’s June, and already these two teams are talking trash.

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