SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Last week Janet Napolitano just about tripled her old salary as Homeland Security Secretary now that she’s confirmed to be the next president of the University of California.

While the Board of Regents assured they’re in the business of education, they thought it made good business sense to pay her $575,000 a year. The regents said Napolitano is a remarkable person of character.

In addition, she gets a free house an $8,000 car allowance and $142,000 for relocation expenses.

“Four or five big truckloads of stuff; we could get a much better deal than that,” said Matt Pendergas from Coast Truck Rental, a moving company I asked to see if the state of California was getting its money’s worth in moving costs.

We figured it’s about maybe half a dozen 14 foot trucks, $70 a day, and 30 cents a mile.

“Yeah, plus labor. A dozen guys. I would think that if I was moving, I wouldn’t want to pay any more than $40,000 to $50,000.

That’s more than three times what we’re paying.

Betty Granoff is a relocation specialist who does high end moves and says that’s what executives get.

“Most companies give a lump sum, and then she can pay whatever expenses she has,” she said

Granoff said whether or not she gets to keep what she doesn’t spend depends.

If she does, she might want to call Matt.

“I’d like to get in on that business; just moving politicians back from one coast to the other,” he said.

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