(KCBS)— Teachers and staff at some Bay Area schools are receiving special safety training on how to respond in the event that a gunman is on campus.

The once controversial training to help teachers and students increase their chances for surviving a gunman’s attack has become increasingly popular and is being taught in four Bay Area schools.

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Former police officer Greg Crane, president of the ALICE Training Institute in Texas, said there has to be a move from a passive defensive strategy to a more proactive response plan.

Alice stands for Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate

“Every situation is unique. These are very dynamic events. You can’t write that one-size-fits-all plan and hope it’s going to be the right one when you don’t have no idea what the problem’s gonna look like when one actually occurs,” Crane said.

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Crane’s institute has done training in nearly 400 school districts and universities across the country. Two schools in Contra Costa County will be using the ALICE techniques.

He said conventional methods were not working.

“And look at the casualty numbers from Columbine to Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook. There has actually been a progression and increase in both casualty numbers and definitely in kill rates.”

Crane said noise, movement, distance and distraction will increase survivability when a gunman is present.

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