Cristin Milioti & Alyson Hannigan (credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Cristin Milioti & Alyson Hannigan (credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)


UPDATED: (CBS NEWS) – We finally get to meet Ted’s future wife on CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” Monday night — and so far, she seems like a great catch and a perfect match for the hopeless romantic.

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First off — she’s adorable, not to mention very sweet (she offered stranger Lily some homemade cookies and a hug within just minutes of meeting her). Ted and The Mother also appear to have similar interests and play off each other well in the one conversation we witnessed. And they share similar nerdy traits.

This is all based on the few minutes we saw of The Mother, played by Cristin Milioti, in the one-hour, two-part season premiere, but it’s easy to see how this romance will start to take off in the episodes to come.

The ninth and final season premiere began with the gang trying to get to “Farhampton,” Long Island, to attend Barney and Robin’s nuptials at the Farhampton Inn.

Marshall is on a flight that’s about to take off for New York from Minnesota, but he ends up getting kicked off the plane after an altercation with his seat partner, Daphne, portrayed by Sherri Shepherd. But there’s no getting back on that plane — or any other, for that matter because flights to New York have been canceled.

Despite their initial altercation Marshall and Daphnee decide to rent a car together. Daphnee picks up a car seat for little Marvin (in turn, she gets to pick the tunes for their drive), and away they go. There were some humorous moments here (Shepherd is quite funny), and we’re looking forward to seeing how their road trip plays out.

Meanwhile, Lily and Ted (with driving gloves and all) are not getting along during their road trip to Farhampton, so Lily decides to take the railroad instead. That’s where she meets The Mother.

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Stressed out, Lily is talking to herself when her neighbor (The Mother) overhears and utters her first words, “Are you OK?…Would you like a cookie?” These two are clearly going to get along.

Ted is dealing with his own issues, as he’s reminded by the hotel desk clerk — constantly — of his single status. Robin’s locket comes into play, too, and we eventually learn that Ted traveled to Los Angeles to retrieve it. More on that to come in later episodes.

Barney and Robin are traveling together (with Ranjit behind the wheel) to their big wedding weekend, but things get complicated when they think they may have a cousin in common. They soon find out that isn’t the cause, but things seemed to get a little dodgy there for a while.

One of the sweetest moments of the premiere came when Barney tells Robin, “Our wedding is going to be legendary,” to which Robin responds, “No waitforit?” Not this time, apparently. Barney says, “I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore.” All together now — “awwww….”

Next week, Barney and Robin have to deal with their much older wedding guests. “HIMYM” airs Monday nights at 8:00pm on KPIX 5 / CBS.


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