- Jessica Derschowitz | CBS News
Cast of The Amazing Race 23 (credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Cast of The Amazing Race 23 (credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

(CBS NEWS) – If you take one thing away from Sunday night’s “Amazing Race” premiere, let it be this: Read. Your. Clues.

It’s that simple, guys. Three of the 11 teams who started their race around the world suffered consequences during this leg because they couldn’t be bothered to read a few sentences properly.

The first destination of the race for those teams was Iquique, Chile. The first seven teams to arrive at Los Angeles’ LAX airport got an earlier flight and had a two-hour advantage over the others, leaving those remaining four teams to battle it out for last place.

Once in Iquique, teams encountered their first Roadblock, which asked, “Who’s good at Follow the Leader?” One member of each team had to paraglide off a scenic cliff onto the beach below, while the other team member had to travel by car down to the beach to meet their partner. The only person who had taxi trouble was Naina, whose driver took the long way to get her to her father.

The second Roadblock required teams to row a boat around the harbor and collect five fish from three different boats. Here’s the first part that required careful reading: The team member who didn’t participate in the first Roadblock had to do this one. In this case, that meant the person who paraglided off the cliff had to be the one rowing the boat. Father-daughter team Naina and Hoskote and cousins/”Afghanimals” (as they called themselves) Leo and Jamal both got confused and lost precious time.

The Pit Stop for this leg of the race was located at the Teatro Municipal de Iquique, and married ER doctors Nicole and Travis were first to get there. But, they didn’t read the clue correctly and paid for it — host Phil Keoghan said they did not arrive on foot as the clue specified, so they incurred a 30-minute penalty.

That was enough time for exes Tim and Marie to arrive, technically putting them in first place and winning them two Express Passes — one to keep and one they must give to another team.

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