SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency had been stretching its resources during the BART shutdown but the extra service provided by MUNI has put a strain on the agency’s budget.

The BART strike forced Muni into service along routes that would otherwise carry BART passengers. While the final cost has yet to be calculated, MTA Director Ed Reiskin said it’s taken a huge financial toll.

“For us to surge our capacity like that is not sustainable and it’s expensive,” said Reskin, who said the service was only a small dent in the displacement for the thousands who could not ride BART.

Reisken said it has cost the Municipal Transportation Agency over $100,000 a day. Some of it is for maintenance and fuel but most of if used to pay for the overtime for all the extra workers brought into drive the buses and direct traffic.

Service was increased by 25 percent along the Mission corridor, primarily with bus service but also for the J Chuch light-rail line.

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