MIAMI (KCBS) – The NFL has hired lawyer Ted Wells to investigate the alleged harassment of Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin by teammate Richie Incognito.

John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew he’s not surprised NFL officials haven’t said more about the case.

“Everyone now is reserving their thoughts and what their actions may be until there’s an investigation,” Madden said. “A lot of people jumped on it and started to editorialize on it before they knew really what it was – the case and the facts. I think we kind of know what Incognito is and where he comes from, but there hasn’t been much from Martin. And I think until you hear that and see that, then you can piece the whole thing together. And maybe the Dolphins can do something about it, the league could do something about it, and the pundits can editorialize on more facts.”

John said it’s hard to predict how the case will affect the Dolphins on the field.

“It’s a distraction. It really is a distraction, and it’s hard to get prepared during a distraction. But over the years we’ve seen teams that have had these types of things and they come out and they play over their head and they play very, very well. Conversely, we’ve seen them come out and play very, very bad. So it will be interesting to see the Dolphins this week.”

Former Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett confirmed he’s been diagnosed with the brain disease CTE that may be related to his time in pro football.

“The next step is okay, you can test now… but what can you do about it,” Madden said. “If there’s nothing that can be done, I don’t know that a lot of (former players) will want to go and be tested. But if there’s something that can be done to slow it down, or make it better, or have a better life the rest of your life, then I think the (early testing) is great.” (6:40)

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