SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Twitter got an earful from its users this week after making some changes to its block feature. Users were not happy, became vocal and prevailed in getting a reversal on the company’s decision.

Under the original system, users could prevent people who were harassing them from following them and interacting with their tweets.

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A new system was rolled out Thursday morning, which allowed a blocked user to view the person’s tweets and tweet at the person.

Twitter caved under the heavy criticism before the end of the day. I think they got a dose of their own medicine. The problem with Twitter is, it’s a great platform to complain about a lot of companies. In this case, people tweeted complaining about the changes.

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What the company was initially trying to do was prevent people you blocked from knowing that you had blocked them. Essentially the changes made it so that the person who felt harassed seemed to have a blindfold on. They couldn’t see the cyber-bully’s tweets, but the bully could see yours.

It was almost like the notion of, ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you.’ The protesters’ rationale said all that really did was provide a false sense of security.

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