SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — So now that The 49ers’ faithful have already bid farewell to their beloved Candlestick park Monday night, the question is what happen next—and when?

First off, Monday night’s game may not be the last. Theoretically, the 49ers could ended up the first seed and have home-field advantage all the way though.

But after that, there is talk of a series of good-bye events.

What Phil Ginsburg, from San Francisco’s Rec and Park, would really like to host is a Paul McCartney concert at Candlestick. They are in discussion, through Another Planet (which manages Outside Lands Festival), with McCartney’ people to try to figure out a schedule.

They are also discussing trying to get other bands that have played there.

There is also talk about the Giants playing an exhibition game—but I doubt that will happen. They washed their hands with Candlestick Park a long time ago and I don’t think they want to go back, even for the sentimentality’s sake.

In the short term, they are selling as much of the park as they can—seats and signs or whatever is left after fans took items on their own on Monday night.

But in the long term, the stadium will be torn down and will most likely be replaced with a shopping center. It could be developed into a high-end mall similar to the Livermore Premium Outlets—but hopefully with a roof.

Meanwhile, Lennar has a housing development project that’s part of the deal as well.

The irony is that a shopping mall was what then-Mayor Willie Brown and company envisioned for Candlestick Point when they wanted to build a new 49er stadium in the old Hunters Point shipyards.

Everyone thought Brown was nuts because no one would go out there. But now, there is talk about trying it again.

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