BERKELEY (KCBS)— Smoking and the use of all tobacco products are now banned at all University of California and Cal-State campuses. But as expected, some smokers at UC Berkeley aren’t happy about the new restrictions that kicked in January 1st.

Former UC President Mark Yudof announced the ban in 2012, but the timing of rollout was up to each school. The ban is extended to the increasingly popular e-cigarettes.

Lindsey Hardy, a yoga instructor, doesn’t like that smoking tobacco is banned everywhere including; buildings, parking lots and even open spaces like Sproul Plaza.

“You should at least give the smokers a place to smoke because then they’re just going to probably illegally smoke on campus,” she said.

The goal is to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke, which Adam Siminowski applauds.

“It’s terrible. I’m a runner and when I’m running, you know, you take a breath and it’s not good. You cough. Health wise it’s terrible. Second hand smoke is just as bad as first hand smoke,” he said.

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