SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Thalmic Labs, a Canadian startup is about to introduce the new MYO armband that will allow users to control their computer without the use of a mouse or keyboard.

Thalmic Labs will soon start shipping the gesture-controlled armband.

So does it work?

It’s really cool; you wear it on your arm and it uses EMG (Electromyography) technology to analyze the movement of your muscles. Based on signals it puts out it can control a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Microsoft has had a similar device, the Kinect, out for a while that allows you to control your Xbox with movement, but that uses a camera. The MYO, however, is portable and it can used anywhere with any device without the use of a camera.

The MYO can have all sorts of uses beyond gaming; it could be used for industrial and medical applications.

A doctor could use it to perform an operation remotely or someone who works in factory could use it to make something happen with just using gestures.

I imagine that it could be used to control a vehicle of some kind as well.