SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— There’s a good chance San Francisco voters will have a waterfront-height limit initiative to vote on in June. On Tuesday over 2,100 signatures were submitted by the Sierra Club and the San Francisco Waterfront Coalition to the Department of Elections to give voters the power to block projects on port land that exceed current height limits.

“This is really a voter revolt against over-development of our waterfront and plans to re-write city rules to build high-rises,” said waterfront activist Jon Golinger.

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The measure would require votes on the SF Giants’ proposed 390-foot mixed use towers and on the proposed Golden State Warriors’ arena, which is one reason Becky Evans of the Sierra Club is leading the charge.

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“It doesn’t belong there. It’s too big. The traffic impacts for the neighborhood will be really bad. The traffic impacts also will bring lots of air pollution,” Evans said.

So far the Warriors and the Giants have been mum on the initiative not publicly taking a position against what has become a growing populist issue.

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9,700 signatures are needed to qualify for the June ballot. The signatures submitted were collected in 23 days.