By Joe Vazquez

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Whether you hate your boss or loathe your ex, now there’s a way to get even, for a price. A San Francisco-based web site is selling revenge.

“Anyone who has been wronged, hurt, abused, cheated, scammed, stabbed in the back can come to us and we will do our very, very best to make the life of that person who has wronged you completely miserable,” said the CEO of, who agreed to an interview with KPIX 5 on the condition that he not be identified. He goes by the pseudonym, “John Winters.”

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Among the services offered by the web site are “Revenge against an Ex,” “the reputation shredder” and “Indecent exposure.”

“We had a few cases – more than a few -of businessmen running oversees to Thailand,” said Winter. “And they decided to pop off and have a little bit of fun. We’d have a private investigator take a few pictures…And we’d post a web site offshore, untraceable, about their activities.”

The most expensive service, at a price of $10,000 is “Total Annihilation.” But Winters said the most popular is the “Boss Breaker.”

“We can send a bunch of faxes over to everyone in the office with the person flipping the bird; smiling, saying, ‘I quit, F-U, SOB’s,'” Winters said. “At that point it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s true. The company’s mad and the CEO is embarrassed and pissed off.”

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Is it legal? KPIX5 Legal Analyst Paul Henderson said it probably is, as long as it sticks to the truth. But some of the company’s activities could fall under recently passed California Cyberbullying laws.

“If your intent is to harrass, embarrass or frighten someone online, you may face criminal liability for cyberbullying or possibly stalking,” said Henderson.

Winters said he is a private investigator and former law enforcement officer. He said he employs other private investigators in the Bay Area and overseas hackers who work only in the digital realm.

He insists his company does not commit physical acts of revenge and, in fact, says he has vehemently turned down several requests to commit murder.

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“We do not do anything physical whatsoever, however, the truth is our ally. If a person has been scamming people, if they’ve been abusing people, if they have an extensive criminal record, we will post it. We will start an offshore web site and we’ll detail all their nefarious deeds and we’ll make sure everyone in their circle of friends knows it,” Winters said.