OAKLAND (KCBS) – A former co-worker of one of the two California Highway Patrol officers killed in a rollover crash near Fresno Monday recalled his time working with the officer in Oakland.

CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld worked the graveyard shift in Oakland alongside Officer Brian Law, who died Monday at age 34. Law and his partner, 33-year-old Officer Juan Gonzalez, were killed in a crash while responding to an accident on Highway 99 near Fresno. Both officers began their careers in the Bay Area.

“He was a low-key guy, a really friendly, funny guy; big fitness buff. He was always willing to help,” Wilkenfeld said of Law. “He was one of those guys you would definitely want to respond to your call because he’d be willing to help you out even if it wasn’t his beat.”

Wilkenfeld said this isn’t the first time he’s had to put a black ribbon over his badge in mourning, and he doubts it will be the last.

“We go to work everyday knowing that the worst could happen. It’s a dangerous job, but we do it to help protect others and unfortunately those two officers laid down their lives,” he said.

Wilkenfeld said Law’s friends at work are focusing on helping the family he leaves behind.

“He had children and a wife; you’ve got to imagine what it would be like for your husband to not come home. We want to make sure that people are out there to support his family.”

Before transferring to Fresno, Gonzalez worked in San Jose. He is survived by his mother and sister.