Man Cave On Wheels Stands 9' Tall, 8' Wide

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL  (CBS SF) — Former Oakland A’s pitcher Grant Balfour has a new team and a new ride, pulling up in a gargantuan “man cave on wheels” at spring training with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays showed off the brute, and the brute’s truck on their Twitter feed, with the caption, “One more reason not to mess with Grant Balfour: this is his truck.”

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He can afford it, with a two-year contract valued at $12 million pulling him away from the Bay Area for the other bay area.

It’s a Freightliner P4XL, if you want to pick one up to drive the kids around.

It’s called “the ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle on the planet,” by SportChassis. “Everything about this truck is big,” according to the site.

Balfour’s comes equipped with a luxury interior and big screen TV.  The truck normally comes equipped with an 8.3L Cummins diesel engine (that’s like six normal engines put together), with 1,020 foot-pounds of torque (that’s just insane). It’s over eight feet wide, and 22 feet long.  Oh, and 9 feet tall.

Check out the interior specs for similar P4XL’s from Sport Chassis:
•  The SportChassis passive noise reduction system utilizing Dynamat® makes it easy to have a conversation or a phone call without raising your voice.
•  State of the art multimedia systems specifically designed by Pioneer® for SportChassis features their latest technology in head units, amps, speakers and subwoofers, providing the best listening experience in its class.
•  Touch-screen, voice recognition navigation audio system featuring satellite-ready audio, Bluetooth™, on-board music storage, IPod® integration and more.
•  A variety of luxurious seating configurations and materials including, leather or ultra-leather, with optional alligator inserts.
•  Standard five-person seating including power reclining rear sofa provides plenty of comfort for the entire family or crew. An optional four-person seating configuration featuring air ride captain’s chairs is available to maximize everyone’s comfort.

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It’s no wonder he had to move to Florida to roll that bad boy.  Fuel efficient? Nope, but as a diesel, maybe he could convert it to run on biofuel if he ever gets traded back to the real Bay Area from Tampa Bay.

He’s not the only sports star to rock a big truck, and with him leaving the San Francisco Bay Area, this may leave 49ers Ray McDonald in the lead for athlete with the largest carbon footprint on the road in Northern California.

Comcast SportsNet reports the defensive end rolls a giant black Ford 650.  Yeah, you’ve heard of the 150? This line goes to 6, and it’s massive too.

But not as massive as Balfour’s.

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