OAKLAND (KCBS)— A turf war is brewing between parents and dog owners in Oakland, where the pets are accused of getting a little too rambunctious when they’re off their leashes in some parks.

Oakland has five dog parks, none of which are fenced in. In the city’s Dimond District, the William D. Wood Park has employed a wink-and-nod agreement that dogs can run off leashes as long as they’re well behaved.

Some parents are calling for police to step up citations after claiming some dogs have gotten out of hand.

A community meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday since city officials have said police have bigger priorities than to monitor dog parks.

The complaints include dog regulars who are over-exuberant, scare kids, and sometimes knock down people just playing catch in the park, but have noted they haven’t experienced any vicious behavior, yet.

The city is considering easing up on leash laws so dogs can be allowed in more city parks, but that’s not quelling the tensions between dog owners and those that have said they’re taking over.