FREMONT (KPIX 5) – The city that’s home to the Tesla electric car factory is also leading by example in the use of electric vehicles.

Fremont is home to one-third of the people in all of Alameda County who drive electric cars.

“And we actually found that we has a slightly higher number than the city of San Francisco, for instance,” said Fremont Sustainability Coordinator Rachel DiFranco. “It’s kind of interesting.”

Fremont city leaders say they have a lot of high-tech, clean-tech workers living here making good salaries. It doesn’t hurt that the Tesla auto plant is located here.

“People see it on the freeway as they drive to and from work and I think that really increases their trust in the technology,” said DiFranco.

Even if they can’t afford an actual Tesla? “Yeah, so there are definitely less expensive electric vehicle options,” she said.

Mike Mason bought one of those. He said places like the local Target store, with more than 20 electric vehicle chargers, give him the ability to stop worrying and just enjoy his electric car.

“I think everybody would be interested in not having to stop at a gas station,” said Mason.

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