SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — San Francisco State University plans to reopen part of its Science Building in early May after it was closed when unacceptable levels of toxins were discovered last fall.

Lead, asbestos and mercury contamination were found in the building, which is over 50 years old. Work will soon be completed to reopen the offices and some of the research labs first.

SF State University spokeswoman Ellen Griffin said removing the toxins from the classrooms is a bigger job.

“There are some rooms that will take much longer to address and contingency plans will stay in place for at least a year for those rooms,” she said.

The contamination was discovered during a routine environmental check at which point science students were moved to classrooms elsewhere on campus to continue their studies.

“To ensure that we don’t have any confusion, we’ve made it clear to our students that the alternate classrooms and laboratory spaces that they’ve been assigned to for spring semester will stay in place throughout the spring semester,” Griffin said.

Griffin added the hope is to eventually build a new facility or to do a complete rehab and upgrade of the existing one.


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