CONCORD (CBS SF) — Neighbors fed up with crime in Concord have a defiant message for the “dirtbags” performing break-ins in their neighborhood: “We’re watching you.”

At the corner of Joan and La Vista Avenues, it seems everyone has a story of a burglary, robbery or vandalism, even 15-year-old Georgie Robles.

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“It felt really sad that someone had invaded our privacy, they really shouldn’t have,” said Robles.

Residents had already formed a neighborhood watch, and installed security cameras. But they went a step farther, stapling the signs to telephone poles which begin, “Hey dirtbags casing our neighborhood: We’re watching you.”

The signs had already been marked with the words “I agree,” by someone else.

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“I did see somebody suspicious walking a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning, so I’m just leery. I need to be careful and watch who’s coming down the street,” said resident Theresa Mirabella.

The neighbors believe the problems are coming from nearby Markum Park.

As for the language on the signs, Pastor Chuck McKinney, whose church has also been victimized, has a theory on who wrote it.

“It’s probably somebody who’s a little older than the “dirtbags” they’re worried about…it’s a phrase that has gone out of favor,” said McKinney.

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