- R. Del Rosario | CBS Local

(CBS SF) – Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to join the cast of his latest action-adventure.

The 66-year-old actor, is partnering with Omaze.com for a contest benefiting “After-School All-Stars,” a national provider of comprehensive year-round after school programs in 14 regions of the U.S. including the San Francisco Bay Area. The winner will get to “live like Arnold for a Day,” which apparently includes smashing things in classic tank.

“Come to LA and crush things,” Schwarzenegger implores in a promotional video released on YouTube.

Schwarzenegger says owning the M47 Patton tank was his life-long dream. The video shows Schwarzenegger driving the vehicle, bearing his name, and running over various items from a large roll of bubble wrap to all his 66 birthday cakes, which he says he saved for the occasion.

At one-point, Schwarzenegger runs over a Blue-Ray copy of “Million Dollar Baby” because it makes him cry. He then turns to camera, laughs and says “I don’t cry.”

The video has gone viral with over 5 million views on YouTube in just two-days.

Entries start at $10.00 and prizes range from T-shirts bearing an image of a tank with a young and muscular Schwarzenegger to a signed Mr. Olympia poster.

The overall winner and a guest “will fly to Los Angeles and spend the day with Arnold – you’ll ride in his tank together, crush something together, work out together, smoke cigars together”

The window to enter closes at midnight.


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