SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A new kind of car service has hit San Francisco’s crowded streets, offering a mobile hotel room for “intimate relations.”

The “Hook-Up Truck” is the brainchild of artist Spy Emerson. According to their website, the box truck is a “car service, like a mobile hotel room, available for short term rentals.”

In an interview with SF Weekly, Emerson said the graffiti-covered truck conceals a small room for hook-ups that is disguised from the outside to be a pile of cardboard boxes.

Features inside the room include temperature control, complimentary birth control and STD preventatives, along with camera capabilities.

The truck can be reserved through mobile dating apps “for immediate dispatch.” It can also be pre-booked for festivals, weddings, or holiday parties. Users of the truck must be at least 21 and registered with the service.

Emerson told SF Weekly that the truck is part of a larger art project. She plans to have an exhibition of photos and film about the experience, along with the truck itself at the end of the year.


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