SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Much has been made of the Hollywood-like drama circling around the indictment of now-suspended State Senator Leland Yee, but it appears folks in Taiwan are way ahead of Tinseltown in getting the story on screen.

Taiwan-based TomoNews US attempted to sum up the case against Yee with an accompanying satire animation that paints Yee as a “gun runner.” They depict him cutting deals and stashing guns all over town, while campaigning as an anti-gun crusader.  As often happens with these dramatizations, things quickly escalate from over the top to completely absurd:

Was that even a shrimp?

Yee is facing charges corruption and conspiracy to traffic firearms. He has officially announced that he is dropping out of the secretary of state race, and was suspended from the state senate by his fellow senators Friday.

Read full coverage & analysis here.




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