SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Gay rights activists have joined San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener in asking the Retirement Board of the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System to divest all holdings in Russian securities.

A hearing was held before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Thursday to highlight the law in Russia, which criminalizes any activity that supports gay rights.

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Gay rights activists at the hearing said San Francisco can strike back by selling $26 million in Russian securities held by the city’s retirement fund.

“These laws in Russia are resulting in a mob mentality, whereby gay Russians and others are being lured into traps, tortured, videotaped and sometimes killed,” said one speaker. “This is no laughing or insignificant matter.”

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The push for divestment is getting some pushback for the Retirement Board, which said it will not consider the matter unless a board member makes the request.

But Supervisor Wiener is not giving up the fight.

“It’s a very small amount of holdings with a rather large message behind divestment,” Wiener said. “So I look forward to those conversations.”

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The $26 million investment in Russian securities represents 0.14 percent os San Francisco’s $19 billion retirement fund.