SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — In his fourth incident with the law in two and half years, linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday after allegedly claiming he had a bomb while in the security area.

A TSA agent said Smith was belligerent after being selected for a second screening. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew he expects Smith will be punished by the league and possibly the 49ers. “I think you get punished both (ways),” Madden said. “If he did something that’s illegal, he’s going to be punished there. And if he did something illegal, he’s going to be punished by the league and then maybe the team.”

But Madden said Smith will continue to play in the NFL. “Aldon Smith is a very, very good player. He’s 25 years old. If he were a new player who hadn’t proven himself yet, or if he were a 33-year-old vet, he’d be out the door. But here he is a 25-year-old guy who can still play. That’s what you have to weigh. Do we really discipline him and get rid of him and get him out of here? Or do we live with it because he’s such a good player and he’s only 25-years-old?

“That’s the real deal… You have to be honest in life. I would be on the side that would try to protect him because I’d want to keep him as a player.”

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