SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The hype over Nike’s newest release of basketball shoes led hundreds of people to line up in San Francisco with hopes of nabbing a pair.

The shoes that debuted Saturday were named after hip hop star Kanye West.

Kanye’s nickname is Yeezy and Nike’s new ‘Yeezy Foams’ were released Saturday with a price tag of $250.

Niketown worker Nick Monroe said there was so much anticipation because of “the name, the color…people buy them and resell them for more money.


On EBAY Saturday, the same exact shoe was selling for two, three, five times the original price.

The line started forming outside Niketown in Union Square on Wednesday. Only 200 pairs were sold.

Jesus Campos bought a pair off someone coming out of the store.

“I paid $350,” said Campos,”but I’ve seen others paying up to $600.”

One retail expert told KCBS that Nikes are the new baseball cards for the new generation, except they are much more expensive. She said by limiting the number of shoes sold, Nike creates artificial demand to be the one lucky, smart or rich enough to nab a pair.