SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A lot of people don’t think of San Francisco as a 24-hour city, but city Supervisor Scott Wiener disagrees. The lawmaker has taken preliminary steps to improve late-night public transportation options.

“We have a very robust late-night economy. It’s a $4.2 billion economy,” Wiener said, citing a 2011 Economic Impact Report conducted by the city economist. “We also have a lot of workers who go to work very early in the morning.”

Wiener knows that the city’s public transportation system does little to serve that 24-hour nature with few late-night transit options.

He is introducing a resolution to form a working group that will draft a plan to increase those overnight options.

But he also said improvements can be small at first, like better publicizing the nighttime routes that are operating and having better cab service.

“There are other things that we can do that are not monumental. So it’s about the small things in the short run and the bigger things in the long run,” Wiener said.

Wiener doesn’t know how much making these improvements will cost or how they will be paid for, but he doesn’t think they will involve a huge expense.