OAKLAND (KCBS) – Elected officials in Oakland said they are prepared to say good-bye to the Golden State Warriors, now that the team has bought land for a new arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.

The Warriors have called Oakland home since 1971, with thousands of loyal fans attending games each season, through the good times and bad. Oakland City Councilmember Larry Reid said the news of a likely move is hitting the entire city hard.

“It really is a disappointment to me. It is somewhat of a slap in the face,” said Reid. “Certainly we’ll leave the door open in case things don’t work out over in Mission Bay.”

Reid said he would never wish the team ill, but said he’s not sure the move is prudent.

“It really shows the fan base, that is supportive of the Warriors – I don’t know if the Warriors, based on the support, if they’re going to be selling out the stadium in San Francisco.”

The decision also leaves plans to build a Coliseum City complex up in the air. The idea was to transform the Coliseum complex into a major sports and entertainment hub, with new stadiums included. It is now unclear if the A’s and Raiders, along with city officials, will continue to pursue the idea.

The Warriors announced on Monday they had purchased the 12-acre site in Mission Bay from Salesforce.com. The site is bounded by Terry Francois Boulevard, 16th, Third and South streets.

With the purchase, it also meant the franchise was abandoning plans to build a new arena along The Embarcadero, at Piers 30-32.

The Warriors said they hope to have the new arena built and ready for the 2018-19 NBA season.


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