SUNNYVALE (CBS SF) — An elderly couple was terrorized in their Sunnyvale home in the middle of the day by a man the woman says she recognized.

83-year old Dorothy Brunauer was at home in her Sunnyvale neighborhood when she heard her husband, who suffers from early stage Alzheimer’s disease in a back room talking to someone.

That’s when Dorothy saw a man pointing a gun at her husband.

“I saw the pistol in his hand. He was pushing me and Bernie both into the bedroom, and he’s saying, ‘money, money, jewels, jewels,” she said.

Dorothy was afraid to see the stranger in her home, but she also recognized him from the day before, when she had found him sitting on a chair on her front porch.

But, Dorothy had thought he was asking for a job doing yard work.

“Finally, I said ‘sorry, can’t help you’ and I shut the door,” she said.

The man took jewelry and cash during the robbery, but Dorothy was able to hid the majority of her cash from the robber.

“He should be ashamed of himself for bullying old people. What would you think if someone did this to your mother?” Dorothy said.

No arrests have been made in the case.