SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — After firing Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson, owner Joe Lacob told reporters that Jackson will need to do a better job of ‘managing up and sideways’ in his next job. Jackson was let go despite two consecutive winning seasons and playoff appearances.

“The one thing that you read through this is the owner is the guy,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “He can do what he wants to do, and you have to get along with the owner… Now if you don’t get along with someone in the business side or something like that, between you and the owner you can take care of that… (But) if you don’t get along with the owner, you have to go, because the owner is not going to go.”

Madden said ‘managing up and sideways’ is not as easy as it once was. “Now there are so many (team management) factions. When you have success, then these other areas want to take their share of the credit, too. And I’ve always felt there’s plenty to go around. Now as the organizations get bigger and bigger, that gets more difficult and more difficult.”

Madden said it was clear by the end of the season that Jackson would be released. “I thought it was a done deal when there was no push-back when the rumor was out there that Jackson was going to be fired, Jackson will be fired, and he kept winning and winning. And there was no press conference when Lacob or someone came out and said ‘no, that’s not true, he’s not going to be fired.’ So when they didn’t kind of defend that position, you knew it was true and was going to happen.”

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