SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The person who has been hiding cash and posting clues on Twitter in recent days is heading back to the Bay Area after a busy weekend in Southern California.

On Wednesday night the mystery money giver behind the Twitter account @HiddenCash, who says he made his fortune in real estate development, was caught on camera making his first SoCal drop.

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“I was actually coming to L.A. for business not related to this but I thought ‘what great timing’ because this thing is really taking off,” he told CBS 2.

He created a frenzy with scavenger hunts clues that sent roving hordes of money-seekers across the region.

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On Sunday, bottles stuffed with $20 bills turned up around a dog park in Los Angeles, under the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

Now the madness is heading back to the Bay Area, where ‘Epic’ money drops are promised.

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The @HiddenCash Twitter feed has gained more than 429,000 followers since arriving on the scene with treasure hunt clues less than two weeks ago.