SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Tourists visiting San Francisco during the Muni ‘sickout’, which entered a second day on Tuesday, aren’t hearing the sound of cable car bells ringing. While operators are claiming to be sick, visitors from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Powell Street turnaround are left feeling disappointed because they can’t ride the iconic cars.

The disappointment is affecting thousands of people taking their vacations to the Bay Area at an unfortunate time that aligns with the missing fleet of drivers.

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One tourist said she scrimped and saved a year to make her way to San Francisco and was sad she didn’t get a chance to ride the cars.

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Businesses and vendors said they’re feeling the affects too as cars sit idle in the barn; traffic at their booths and shops slumps.

Meanwhile, an optimistic 12-year-old tourist named Riley, said he’s worried about the health of the drivers.

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“I’m sad, but hopefully a lot of people will get better and we’ll be able to ride tomorrow,” he said.